January 17, 2024

We open the doors of our ‘MXT HideOut’ at 11:00 AM for our MXT guests. After a joint opening and keynote you can join the brand-new location of the University of Groningen: House of Connections, just 25m away. MXT has worked together with the University, de Municipality of Groningen, ESNS and Akkoord van Groningen to develop a specific programme for this location about music and technology. Here, we organise substantive sessions. Listen to some of the brightest minds and innovators in tech and creativity. Get up to speed with the latest insights on topics like AI, Music, Tech, Innovation, Web 3.0, and entrepreneurship. Besides this substantive program in the ‘House of Connections by University of Groningen‘, we offer a workshop and meet-ups in the M-Booths at the HideOut. The M-Booths, standing for Media Booth, Music Booth, and Money Booth, are new to our conference. We’ll wrap up the first day with a dinner and party in the MXT HideOut.

January 18, 2024

This day everything takes place in the MXT HideOut, starting with a focus on making connections, followed by a delicious lunch and yet another program highlight. You don’t want to miss this spectacular show full of entrepreneurship!

MXT is all about discussing and discovering the future. In the coming weeks, we’ll give you all the ins & outs. Are you an industry professional who wants to join one of our panels? Drop us a line at


With different experts and partners, we’ll take a deep dive into hands-on learning activities for both startups and investors. Stay tuned for more details!

With our exclusive meet-ups, easily scheduled in our app, we want to provide individuals, startups, investors, and others the opportunity to meet the right people for future success. This year, we have special Booths set up for this: the Music, Money, and Media Booths.
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