Investors, this is your exclusive invitation to an event that goes beyond the ordinary—MXT2024 is your gateway to unparalleled opportunities in the dynamic world of tech investment.

Unlock Infinite Possibilities at MXT2024: Your Gateway to Innovation and Investment! Join us at MXT2024, where every moment is an investment in the future. Maximise your impact, expand your network, and be part of a movement that defines the intersection of entrepreneurship, mеdia and technology. Secure your place now—MXT2024 awaits, and so do the endless possibilities!

Discover Potential. Find Your Match.

At MXT, multiple startups and scale-ups will show, present and talk about their innovations and products. Though these companies vary in demographic, industry and stage, they all share a love of creativity, innovation and technology. 

Meet and Connect with Other Investors

MXT is more than the ideal place to meet founders.  It’s also a great place to meet and learn from your  peers. Whether it’s casually catching up, or joining one of the panels or keynotes, you’ll be sure to  catch the latest buzz or newest insights. Join the other investors on a journey you’ll never forget.

MXT facilitates meaningful networking opportunities for investors, allowing you to connect not only with startups but also with industry leaders, fellow investors, and potential partners. The collaborative atmosphere at MXT can lead to synergistic partnerships and investment opportunities that extend beyond the event itself.

The Investors Booths: 

The event provides a dedicated space for investors to connect with promising startups. The Investor Booths, with scheduled time slots, offer a practical way for investors to explore potential investment opportunities and expand their portfolios. You can immediately expand your portfolio and explore investment opportunities. 

Your expertise matters! At MXT2024, we value your insights and want to hear directly from you. Your feedback on startups presented during the event can directly shape their future trajectory. Be a catalyst for change, contributing to the evolution of the tech landscape.

Media Exposure:

MXT2024 isn’t just an investment hub; it’s a sensation. Our Media Booths generate newsworthy content, elevating the visibility of startups and amplifying your investment opportunities. Be part of an event where your investments not only thrive but also become headline-worthy success stories.

Innovation Insights

Investors can gain valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies that are shaping the future of innovation  and tech, informing their investment decisions across various sectors.

At MXT2024 you can: 

Influence on Startups’ Future Direction:  Investors have the opportunity to directly influence the future direction of startups presented during MXT, contributing to the growth and success of these companies.

Engagement with International Tech Transition: 

MXT, in partnership with European showcase festival ESNS, is an international platform that brings together the worlds of innovation and technology. Investors can engage with visionary international speakers and be part of discussions shaping the future of tech and media on a global scale.

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