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Live music in a synergetic light-art installation

‘Unlocked’ is singer/producer Chagall’s latest live music performance in which she explores her relationship with a reactive light-art installation called B.A.B.Y. (Bionic Assistant for Becoming Yourself). As Chagall controls all elements in the show in real time through sensors in her costume, audiences witness an organic and intimate interplay of the human body, voice, light and music. In ‘Unlocked’ we learn that it’s the acceptance of our imperfections that gives us power, and the courage to be fragile is the key to real connection.

Chagall puts a beating heart in music & technology. She sings, composes, dances, programs, experiments and paves her way through everything that is human. Captivating, playful and intimate; every performance by Chagall is a spectacular audio-visual experience that inspires and connects. She is a widely praised music technology innovator and performer. Having toured the globe (SXSW, Reeperbahn, Eurosonic, TEDx, Dutch Design Week) with her unique live shows, Chagall proves to be a visionary artist who paves her own way through the musical landscape. With her new album she shows her ability to connect on a deep emotional level through her expressive vocals and seductive productions.


B.A.B.Y. is a reactive light art installation consisting of twelve 3.2m tall LED arches and four 2.90m moving head arches with eight moving head stage lights at the top and bottom. B.A.B.Y. is set up in such a way that the performance space within the arches is a semicircle with a diameter of about 5m.

Throughout her work Chagall aims to connect to people on a human level and share her worries, her pain, her love and her joy. Live performance is the ultimate form to create this connection, as it is established right in that moment, only in that moment, just for you and physically near you. In her music and also through her unique, intimate and organic use of technology Chagall exhibits her human fragility.

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